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By | August 22, 2010

Watch out for bots. Ciudat este ca nu scrie nimic pe google despre el. Anyway, if you’re in the mood for robot sex, glambootie6860 este ID`ul.

Glam Bootie: hey ..anybody there? hehe
Vasilescu Marius: hello
Glam Bootie: hi .. have we chatted before? 24/female here…you?
Vasilescu Marius: no, i don’t think we’ve done that before
Vasilescu Marius: 20 m
Glam Bootie: i’m sorry ..i get to be forgetful at times!! how’re you??
Vasilescu Marius: fine, thanks, just got up
Glam Bootie: Just got out of the shower…long day been kind of busy! but i’m feeling naughty! so what’s up ….. want to have some fun?
Vasilescu Marius: i always have fun
Glam Bootie: I need a man that can make me squirt……have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: gonna change my clothes … want to see ?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: wanna play on cam?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: k, now fill out ur info ..don’t worry it’s FREE……give it a second to load ..when you get in go to 2nd row and you’ll see me 3 from the right ..k?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: i use this site to play on cuz i don’t want to be recorded !…this site doesn’t allow users to record my webcam! you know?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: credit card is just to verify your age, you’ll get in for free thru my page but you need to verify that you’re an adult …can’t show ass and pussy to minors .. u know?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Glam Bootie: let me know when you’re done or if you need help …i’ll be gettin’ ready for you ..K ?
Vasilescu Marius: 1
Vasilescu Marius: 1

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